Mission Statement

The principal mission of the ISDA is to promote and advance the discipline of sleep medicine in India. This mission will be fulfilled by promoting and encouraging workers in this discipline of medicine through education, research and guidance on improved patient care. ISDA has since its inception made effort in this direction through organization of several international and national conferences, seminars & CME's wherein clinical information & studies related to sleep medicine are exchanged. In India the discipline of sleep medicine is developing at a rapid phase. ISDA has been making a concerted effort to establish standards of practice for sleep specialists. Further, it has been decided to start a diploma course in Sleep Medicine for doctors who desire to practice this specialty.

There is also a severe shortage of trained sleep technicians in the country. Therefore, the society also plans to shortly start a training course for sleep technicians. ISDA in order to fulfill its goals would Endeavor to disseminate relevant information to the concerned individuals through conferences, workshop, seminars & CME's. ISDA takes out a journal which has been distributed free to all libraries till now and is available for access, free of cost in the internet. Encourage and help all regional activities To act as a liaison body between Indian and International workers in the field. Will issue guidelines relevant to the practitioners of sleep medicine. Would keep the fraternity informed of various diagnostic and therapeutic modalities available.