ISDA Oration

The ISDA Oration was initiated as a session in the Annual Conference of the ISDA in 2007. It is one of the high points of the Conference – SLEEPCON. The honor of presenting the ISDA Oration is bestowed to a Sleep Physician of eminence who has made significant contribution to further the discipline of sleep medicine.


Dr. Sudhansu Chokroverty2007
Dr. Manvir Bhatia - 2009
Dr. N. Ramakrishnan2010
Dr Jyotsna M Joshi2011
PROF. (Dr) S K Sharma2012
Dr V K Vijayan2013
Dr. M. S. Kanwar2014
Dr. Deepak Shrivastava2015
Dr. Robert J Thomas2016
Dr. Garima Shukla2017