Dental Chapter

Dental Chapter

Chief Coordinator :Dr Balakrishnan Jayan

Coordinators : Dr Reena R Kumar, DrAbhijeet Kadu

Dental Chapter of ISDA is a platform to enable interdisciplinary exchange for promoting best dental
practices in the management of sleep related breathing disorders. Our mission is to promote dentistry's
role in collaboration with our physician colleagues in prevention and management of sleep disordered
breathing disorders to reduce burden on healthcare system.
Dental Sleep Medicine is an area of Dental practices that focuses on

  •  The use of oral appliance therapy to treat sleep disordered breathing including snoring and
    obstructive sleep apnea.
  • Prevention, interception and correction of sleep disorders in children through appropriate
    orthodontic and dento-facial orthopedic strategies.
  • Prevention and correction of sleep disordered breathing in adults through orthognathic
    surgeries and maxillo- mandibular distraction osteogenesis.
    The aim of the dental chapter of ISDA is to facilitate and coordinate multidisciplinary approach
    among physicians and dental surgeons interested in the structure and function of upper
    airway and dental aspects of upper airway sleep disorders including treatment, education,
    research and clinical application.

The objectives of dental chapter of ISDA are:

  •  To foster the exchange of knowledge and interdisciplinary approach among physicians and
    dental surgeons in the structure and function of upper airway, oral biology and dental aspects of
    sleep disorders and their management.
  • To help dental surgeons to introduce dental sleep medicine in their practice.
  •  To serve as a response group to the ISDA in the provision of specialized expertise of dental
    aspect of sleep disorders, creation and publication of position papers and development of
    education material.
  • To contribute to the planning and conduct of dental sleep medicine workshop during SLEEPCON
    and scientific exchange with other specialties leading to integration of dentistry into sleep
  • To conduct examination for the award of Dental Sleep medicine Fellowship to qualified dental